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According to Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City, the past four years have set records for passenger transportation in and out of Traverse City’s only passenger airport.


Last year, Cherry Capital had over 500,000 passengers through the Traverse City’s main six terminal gates and those numbers are anticipated to be surpassed by 12.5% for 2019.


With the addition of two new airlines there are a total of five airlines that use Cherry Capital Airport; however, there are also very many privately chartered passenger flights that come in and out of Cherry Capital.


Many of these folks are looking to spend their vacations here or are business men and women needing to do work here throughout the year.  Some of those business passengers land here at Cherry Capital Airport but need to get to remote locations like Harbor Springs, Gaylord, Cadillac or other population hubs not served by their own airports.

In my tenure working at Traverse City’s Cherry Capital Airport I have heard many conversations from those such passengers wishing that they could have another form of transportation available other than the local taxi services or car rental agencies.  Many of these folks will end up renting a car and then driving an hour or two, to the city where they need to do business.


This leads to an amazing amount of downtime as they are driving and not able to do preparation work or finalize notes or communicate in writing as they would normally do if they were at their office.


We have found a solution to their dilemma.


Elite Carriage Co. offers a very high-end large SUV that is more than capable of handling up to five passengers and all of their luggage and equipment.  Elite Carriage Co. can do the driving for you, while you ride in comfort.  The vehicle has Wi-Fi connectivity and snacks allowing  passengers to complete work and not spend any time driving to or from their destinations.


This extra productivity time allows the business person a chance to not only accomplish tasks and responsibilities but be better prepared when they arrive at their business destinations.


You can request a ride by filling out the inquiry form below or by calling (231) 944-9098.

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