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Need a ride?


We provide personal transportation to and from Northern Michigan locations.

Elite Carriage Company is a unique transportation company servicing Northern Michigan.  Our goal is to provide high-end discrete transportation services to organizations and individuals who require that level of service.

  • Licensed and insured as required by the State of Michigan

  • Up to five passengers

  • 2 hour minimum (may be waived)

  • Water, snacks, phone chargers and Wi-Fi provided

  • Armed drivers available upon request


Cost and Savings


Elite Carriage Company charges similar to Uber XL and Uber SUV, but is usually a little less expensive.  A typical ride from Traverse City to Charlevoix , for example, would be approximately $120.00. 


Compared to renting a car for the day the costs would be around $60.00 plus fuel ($9.00) plus lost time driving 2 to 6 hours.  The advantages to having a professional driver are limitless. 


Consider this alternative to renting a vehicle.


Room for up to 5 adults and their luggage. 

Climate controlled by passenger(s).

VIP Service

Fully customizable service to your destination.



All major credit cards accepted.

Basic Rates

See chart below.


Pre-trip price quotes always given with estimates for longer trips.

Rates from Cherry Capital Airport

Up to 10 Miles

$8.00 (minimum fare)
plus $3.25/mile

($0.37 cents per minute
under 10 mph or stopped in traffic)

Over 10 Miles

$15.00 (minimum fare)

plus $2.25/ mile

($0.37 cents per minute

under 10 mph or stopped in traffic)

Long-range Rides to Other Cities

$75.00/hour with a

three hour minimum

plus $.50/mile over 40 miles.

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